Friday, September 21, 2007

How Does Pay Per Click Work ?

This is one of the top questions of a budding internet marketer. Basically, advertisers bid on keywords they believe people that are interested in their offer would type in the search bar when looking for their product or service. This is where the process of pay per click begins.

Easy ads are called sponsored links or sponsored ads and they appear next or sometimes above the organic results on the page and the advertisers only pays when somebody actually click somewhere out. Sponsored ads surround the main keywords of search engines.

It is the advent of pay per click ads which brought in the most money to online bigwig Google. Google has a somewhat complex algorithm that measures how much you are willing to pay for the ad and how often your ad is clicked.

The other pay per click option for you is more like an auction: whoever is willing to spend the most money gets top placement. The common goal of most internet marketers is to be up in the blue area (which sprang out of Google’s algorithm).

Ads on Google’s top blue zone have been found to get more traffic that all other ads combined. And so there are some distinct ways to be able to do that. As an internet marketer, the best way to make the most out of your profits is by really making sure you get maximum exposure without shelling out a lot of cash on your part.

So if you want to learn how to write good ads, I’ve known a product that has whole hour on it or you can simply just go look at the most competitive markets and see what they do on their ads. So online dating, highly competitive and if you take a look at how they put their ads together you get some really good clues as to what you want to do. So you’ve got very few words to work with if you want to really put this many benefits as you can or features in you ad.

If you want to include the keywords that people are searching for, this will prove to be beneficial. Do this as often as possible. For example, with online dating niche, it is vital to use the keyword online dating.

Another thing you can play up is your description. Feel free to take on different approaches, but for the most part just make sure that they are well-written ads.

You also have to accept the fact that you can’t stay fixated on a single technique, the way applications such as Keyword Elite tend to make you do over time. You got to constantly change. Reinvent and feel free to experiment and not just stick to the old ways of doing things. This way, you get originality attributed to you.

Another noteworthy thing about good pay per click ads is that the makers put a lot of information in very few words. You as a newbie do not really need exquisite keyword software to be the best in this arena. You can actually learn the trade by watching how the good ones do it and try to adjust and apply the same styles.

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