Monday, August 20, 2007

Different Ways To Earn Money On Net ?

Ok! Friends as per the advertisements on net, there are several ways to earn money on net . Followings are the few examples :-

1. Pay Per Click : As per ad you get paid if you click that particular link or ad. banner.

2. Online Survey : As per their ad you get paid by filling online survey form.

3. Referrals : As per ad you get paid by referring that particular site or link to your friends.

4. Affiliate program : Promote the program or website and get paid.

5. Submittions : Register or Submit details asked for to particular website and get paid.

6. View Ad : View ad to get paid

7. Online Pramotions : Participate In Online Pramotion and get paid.

8. Start Web business : Start your web-business by opening your own site.

9. Linking Ads : Show other's ads on your website and get paid. etc.................

These are the different ways to earn money on net. But how many of them are genuine. It needs lot of study and experiences with them to come to the conclusion. We will discuss them in our serial posts. Believe me , my ultimate intention to help netizens to get the right direction to earn genuine money. I again welcome your experiences with different entities.
Please post as comment...I promise I will publish them as POST with your name.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is Money Making On Net Real ?

. . . . . . . . . .We always see the headlines/banners on net like this "Make Money On Internet" or "Make 10$/day sitting at Home" or "You Are The Winner Of Jackpot" etc.

. . . . . . . . . .Out of these which are genuine and which are scam/fraud is always a big questionmark before us? . So always we hesitate or avoid or sometimes get trapped. Thus lot of amongs us either leave the opportunity to earn some bucks or do lot of work but get paid nothing. It is natural for normal netizens to get trapped by big big blinking banners.

. . . . . . . . .Everyday I see lot of peoples just getting trapped by one way or another.Sothe idea came to my mind to write something for such people. Thus I decided to try with all of your help to educate netizens on "How to make Genuine Money On Net". Till the date I too have done lot of digging on net to get the exact answers. Others also may be knowing the answers which I may not. I will request such others to come forward and share your experiences and ideas. So in next series of posts you will come to know the answers to that big questionmark. I am just collecting my work to publish post by post.

Note :- Please put your comments on posts and also on the subject. You can share your experiences/ideas through posting comments . I will publish them as a post with your name.